7 Ways to Melt Ice Without Salt or Ice Melt


When strong winter storms hit, many people stay safe and warm indoors until the poor weather has cleared up. However, if you don’t have any rock salt for melting the ice that’s sure to form on your driveway and walkway, then you might try to clear the snow at multiple points throughout the storm to prevent a layer of ice from forming. This is one effective way to keep your property’s high-traffic areas ice-free, but it’s time-consuming, physically demanding, and exposes you to severe winter weather and the risk of slipping and falling on ice.

Instead, consider using an alternative method to ensure your porch, driveway, and walkway remain clear of ice even when stores run out of rock salt. Even when rock salt is readily available, it’s still preferable to use a different method for melting ice. This is because rock salt damages asphalt, concrete, grass, and other vegetation. It also dries out pets’ paws, is dangerous to children, and can corrode parts of your vehicle. To help protect your home, pets, kids, and the environment, consider trying one of these seven ways to melt ice without salt or ice melt.

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